Alternatives to Workday for Enterprise Companies

November 16, 2022

When you are one of the leading HRIS and payroll HR providers for the enterprise market today you tend to overlook a few things. Almost 74% of Workday customers are in the United States, and by concentrating on one market you lose a little flexibility with your software. Why have a customizable company calendar when everyone in the US celebrates national holidays on the same day?

By catering only to big companies and concentrating on one market in the process, you become less desirable to everyone else. If your goal is finding an alternative HR system for small, mid-range, and growing companies then you came to the right place. And if you just want a simple and user-friendly UI that shows off your company data in a simple way without jumping through a ton of hoops to get it we got you covered as well. 

In this article, we will show you some of the shortfalls of Workday and offer up alternatives.

Why Alternatives to Workday?

The training just takes a long time. When you are bloated with too many features it just takes a while for your employees to adjust to the new software. When you look too quickly to onboard your new employees you will simply lose a ton of time training them in the new software. It is hard to implement quickly and the steep learning curve can affect performance. 

Compliance is also a huge issue. With GDPR in full swing and other work-related compliances, companies have to remain on top of their game and compliant. This is also very important when your company works in the construction industry. And having a good HR system while in construction has become essential to the industry.

Lack of proper communication. When more than 9 000 companies use your software there is no way you can provide quality service that can satisfy everyone's needs. Countless projects can be lost just because the system was down and there was just a bot there to help you. 

Alternatives to Workday Ranked


 youbelee image of product alternative to workday

Youbelee is our first choice as an alternative to workday for a vast myriad of reasons. First of all, onboarding is a piece of cake and fast. Second, Youbelee is a people and process management software that is easily scalable and customizable regarding your company's specific needs. For example, you can input vacation days, sick leave, and special region-specific holidays. Which means you can input leave policies that fit your own needs. 

The staff is there to give you a hand every step of the way. Youbelee prides itself in its customer service and onboarding is simple and quick. The UI is clean and simple to use, even the least tech-savvy employee can master it in a short time.


paycor  youbelee image of product alternative to workday

Paycor works by growth by acquisition. The acquisition growth strategy will align the strategic vision of the company with the business objectives. It has comprehensive payroll and HR software that centers around workforce management. Its UI tends to be a little clunky but it can be customizable to your company's needs.


ultipro  youbelee image of product alternative to workday

If you are looking for bare-bones core HR, payroll, and talent acquisition software then look no further than UltiPro. It is suitable for companies of any size but it really shines when working with small businesses. Onboarding is a breeze and works hard to simplify the entire process. All the bureaucracy can be handled online and hassle-free.

Altho great software UltiPro only makes sense if you are located in Canada or the US as it cannot process payroll data for employees from anywhere else. It also doesn’t offer a fully functioning organizational chart, and never warns you when all your passwords are about to expire. 


UKG  youbelee image of product alternative to workday

As one of the foremost companies in the HRIS industry, UKG is one of those all-in-one software solutions.  They offer strong core performance and timekeeping tools that work well in dissuading time theft. It also has a simple UI where you can easily make and manage employee performance reviews.

However, it is pricey. It may not be best suited for small businesses as it only has premium pricing and offers no free options for companies that are just getting started. 


greenhouse  youbelee image of product

When it comes to a quick and easy onboarding process greenhouse has your back. With its specifically designed expert tools, your onboarding process will be a breeze. It also has a novel way of making all your future employees anonymous so you can have a fair and diverse hiring process. Greenhouse also offers a scorecard for all your employees so you can summarize your working relationship in a quick and easy way. This will make employee assessments much more painless and faster. 

The features it provides are excellent but unfortunately, some core HR features seem to be missing. Like Ui, which can get overly complicated. 


Some of the competitors listed here can do a better job than Workday simply because they are built with mid to large-level companies in mind. When implementing any HR software you have to have your company, its work culture, and its goals in mind. Get the software that works for you and your needs and you can’t go wrong.. 

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