Work From Home

  • Work From Home applying from mob/web application.
  • Quick approval process.
  • In working reports, always know who's working from where.

Work From Home by signing in from mob/web application

More and more people are working from home nowadays. It doesn’t matter if you work in a remote company, or a hybrid work environment, we got you covered. All you need to do is choose a date, provide a note, and that's it. Your colleagues and your boss will be notified.

Youbelee-Screenshot-WorkFromHome_1 signing in

Quick approval process

Whenever an employee chooses to work from home, their supervisor or manager will receive a prompt to approve or reject the request. 

If the work request gets rejected, the manager must also attach a reason for doing so to justify the rejected request. 

Youbelee-Screenshot-WorkFromHome_2 quick approval

In working reports, always know who's working from where

Our table layout offers a clean view of all the "Work From Home" requests. This way, you have all the necessary information in one place and can approve or reject requests faster and easier. 

This is ideal if you have a remote company culture, or if you are working with global teams and dealing with hundreds of these types of requests.

Youbelee-Screenshot-WorkFromHome_3 know location

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