Business Travel

Making a travel request
  • Domestic or international business travel.
  • Option to select Transportation and Accommodation.
  • Quick reports and tracking are available in HR.

Domestic or international business travel

Wherever your employees might be traveling, applying for it couldn't be simpler. 

All you need to do is choose the dates, countries, and addresses. Then, attach any additional documentation you need, and you're ready to fly. 

Youbelee-Screenshot-BusinessTravel_1 domestic or international

Option to select Transportation and Accommodation

If you need any accommodation or transportation while taking your trip, you can fill it out in the application form. 

You can also add a note if there are other special requirements you may need, like additional space, or if you are transporting a pet. 

Youbelee-Screenshot-BusinessTravel_2 options

Quick reports and tracking are available in HR

Just as everything else gets stored in the app, so are the travel records. Again, if you are the manager, you see them separated into three primary groups: pending, rejected, and approved. 

An employee can also view their travel records and cancel any future travel plans if necessary.

Youbelee-Screenshot-BusinessTravel_3 quick reports

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