Improve business travel experience with HR software solutions

July 7, 2022

If you're wondering how to improve your business travel experience with HR software solutions, look no further. This article will explore travel procedures, business travel guidelines, travel policies, expenses, and employee reimbursement. The world is slowly opening up to travel again, so people are starting to go on business trips. 

Meetings and sales negotiations over Zoom are acceptable, but there is nothing that can beat a good face-to-face conversation. That's why it is essential to have fantastic business travel HR software that can keep up with the current demands of the traveling workforce. So let's dive deeper into some areas where HR software can help you.

Traveling procedure

While traveling to different countries, the travel procedure can be a pain. Your employees must adhere to different rules and laws. Whatever the country's entry or stay requirements are, there is usually a significant bureaucratic procedure behind the whole thing. Some countries may require you to fill in a visa application every time you enter. Some may need other documentation. 

Preparing visas and other documentation can be ok if your employee or employees travel only once for a special occasion. But if you have employees who travel a lot, that process needs to be streamlined and automated. Having your HR software automates the process will make the whole process smooth and less cumbersome. In addition, you will make your employees that often travel happier if the only thing they have to do is enter a country's name and almost be ready to go. 

Travel Policies

Corporate travel policies matter. They may seem redundant, but they are essential to an employee's travel experience. The cost of travel, lodging, and safety are all well regulated through travel policies. This can be enforced by a traveling HR manager or within the software your employees use. You can limit how much funds you allocate for each aspect of the business travel experience. 


The employees can always submit an adjustment in their travel budget by submitting a form in the HR software—for example, funds for hotel, taxi service, meal expenses, etc. You can simplify this process by calculating a budget beforehand and adding the amount to a company expense card. You can even book a conference through Air BnB, which is a terrific way of teambuilding. Automating this procedure makes the process a lot simpler and quicker.

Employee Reimbursement

When traveling for work employee reimbursement guarantee is essential. Many things can happen during a business travel experience, good and bad. You should always consider both and have your HR software capable of handling both. For example, one of your employees might see a good business opportunity and require a more personal follow-up.

An excellent opportunity for a fruitful business lunch or if your employee needs to rent better equipment for a presentation is where you might need to upgrade their travel budget to close a deal. However, sometimes there isn't time to go through the proper channels, and your employee must use their own money. In that case, you must have a flexible HR software solution where your employee qualifies for appropriate reimbursement.

They have to state the reason for the out-of-budget expense, evidence of money spent, and the place and purpose of the expenditure. There also has to be a specific period when an employee can claim reimbursement. The system will be rife with abuse if your company doesn't have a proper and straightforward procedure. The procedure also offers a sense of security; if your employees follow it, they will be reimbursed hassle-free.


People are excited to come back to business traveling. A recent survey showed that 30% of workers would be willing to take a pay cut if it involved leaving on business trips. Employees always try to squeeze in some leisure time while traveling on business. This makes them feel more energized and empowered, especially if it takes them out of the office.  As it is very hard to foster a sense of community in a larger company so a good travel policy is a way to go.

conclusion youbelee

After many countries experienced lockdowns, people welcome the opportunity of not just leaving the office but leaving their country or city. However, with fuel and gas prices increasing, this might not always be possible, so budgeting is essential. Having HR software that handles that well is even more so. 

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