What is human capital management?

September 13, 2022

Human capital management or HCM in human resources management means we have effectively streamlined human capital. That means that with the help of our HR software, we have the best candidates who are the most productive.

With the help of human capital management, we can effectively automate core administrative functions like hiring. This means your human resources can focus on more essential processes like training your employees and working on employee engagement.

This blog will explore some critical things good human capital management software should have. What are some of the challenges, and what steps do you need to take to manage human capital successfully?

Functions of good Human Capital Management software

When talking about functions good HCM software should have, we are talking about things it can automate the best. The essentials are payroll automation, the ability to calculate time attendance, manage the onboarding of new employees, make sure your organization's compliance is in order and collect employee data.

youbelee time tracking human capital managment

Talent management is also a huge part of good human capital management software. Talent management is a breeze when you set the proper parameters, the proper compensation, and clear long-term employment goals. You can track your employee engagement and progress and provide them with guidance at every step.

Schedule management and workforce planning are critical to developing your budgeting and goal estimates. You can better fulfill your business goals and clients' needs with a more accurate progress timetable.

Have hr software that has help available to your employees round the clock. When you have an international business with employees worldwide, they always need access to their data. This is why you have to have cloud-based HR software. You ensure they can access any hr functions whenever required, even if no human resources are available to help.

Challenges Human Capital Management helps with

Have a great and easy-to-use UX that is intuitive to the touch. Using software that has a great user experience will not only help with your workforce productivity but will also work wonders for your morale. This will significantly lower your workforce attrition and turnover, greatly benefiting your company in the long run.

When you have a big company, sometimes it is tough to process the sheer amount of data it can generate. From performance reviews to all the resources the workforce handles to managing a team. But, with the help of the right HCM software and collecting and processing of all that data, you can help your workforce achieve key goals you set.

Regarding keeping up with current laws, the cost of non-compliance is 2.71 times higher than the cost of compliance. This is why your company needs to be proactive in complying with the latest rules and regulations. In addition, the company must have a core set of practices to ensure it always remains compliant and doesn't miss any profits.


When your entire Human Resource software is cloud-based, you ensure that all the key aspects of your business are protected. It is much harder to compromise any data your company has if it is with trusted HR software than on your servers.

Help your organization's productivity by allocating critical resources to people who need them. First, you need to know where your hardware and software assets are. Maybe someone is using them for training. Perhaps someone is using them longer than your organization's allotted time allows. Whatever the case, with the right human capital management software, you'll be able to track it all.

Successful stages in Human capital management

successfull stages in human capital managment youbelee

There are four stages of a successful HCM. First, you start with the analysis stage. In this first step, you analyze all the data concerning your core assets. This first step is vital as you must know what you are working with. Some companies take the longest time in these to ensure they aren't missing any key assets.

In the next stage, you consolidate all the data and tools at your organization's disposal. This is a strategic phase where you manage your staff and check to see if everyone's talent is used appropriately. This is also known as the "restructuring" stage.

The third stage involves speaking to your workforce about your plans and productivity. Here is where you need to be brutally honest about your vision for the company and what you plan to achieve together. In this stage, you will do the most hiring and firing.

The last stage is implementing everything you need to reach your business goals. Don't be afraid to have high standards, but also be careful how high you set them. Ask for feedback continuously, and don't be scared of criticism. Your employees must believe in your vision. Apart from their monetary compensation, they will also enjoy the benefits of achieving your mutual goal.



As you can tell, this is a complicated matter and one that is essential for your business and company culture. Plenty of good companies out there had a decent product/service but failed at this stage of their journey. Poor human capital management diminished their business value over time as talent and clients left.

So don't fall into the complacency trap that some companies do. Make HCM a priority.

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