Challenges of Diversity Management

July 29, 2022

The challenges of diversity management represent a big part of HR's headaches in today's workplace. Because the workforce we use is global, so are our employees' many different backgrounds and customs. As a result, having a thoughtful and inclusive place of work isn't a luxury today. It is a necessity. 

Diversity management can lead to greater employee satisfaction and a diverse and fantastic company culture. An excellent company culture always leads to a much greater quality of new hires. And not only that, but 74% of millennial employees believe that the company they work in is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion.

Embrace a Hybrid Work Model

Embrace working from home if your workplace is not located in the same city or country as your company. Be comfortable with a hybrid work model as some of your employees might do a better job from home than on-site. Some might combine the two. Just give it room and space to find out what works best. 


It would be best if you also had excellent HR software with such requirements in mind. Have geolocation sign-in and an easy cloud-based app that can be accessed and installed anywhere. You can embrace your global workplace; you just need software that can keep up. 

Be Sincere In Your Intentions

Be Sincere in your intentions because many people in corporate environments casually say they support diversity and do nothing to achieve it. And trust us, people can tell when their leaders are being insincere with how they run their organization. The top brass that are the ones in charge of the company can easily decide on any policy in place. 


The best policies that your leadership can have in place that promotes diversity are things like:

  1. Provide a safe place for worship
  2. Make sure other employees know they are part of a vast and diverse team with different backgrounds and cultures than their own
  3. Have projects that promote interaction with a wide variety of team members
  4. Offer classes in the native languages of your employees to minimize any miscommunication language might represent
  5. Offer child care for parents
  6. Confront any stereotyping early on and offer sensitivity courses
  7. Be aware of any culturally sensitive diets that your employees might have
  8. Have an "Open Door" policy where all suggestions are listened to and acknowledged 

Diversity is Different from affirmative action

Diversity is different from affirmative action as diversity is a more proactive approach to an organization, and affirmative action is more reactive. However, affirmative action does create some equal opportunities for specific groups. They only serve as a complement to diversity. 

 Although there is nothing wrong with affirmative action, you're always in a better position when you're proactive. In addition, having more diversity in your group boosts creativity, and more diverse teams usually fair better in a team project. 

Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress and how your company is doing on its journey to be more diverse. The easiest way to monitor your progress is to have frequent surveys. Check how your employees feel about their company and their colleagues in an anonymous and non-intrusive way. Making the surveys completely anonymous will encourage honesty and see how you are doing.

The other way to monitor your progress is to check turnover rates. The matter is simple enough. If you lose more diverse people than you are gaining, you still have some work to do. If people quit, ask them to do an exit interview to see which areas your company can do better. 


Your company's HR must have the right tools for the job. A tool with HR letter generation can easily make custom certificates that some countries require. And when you have that at hand, you simplify that process. That way, you can focus on other things. 

conclusion cheesy image-youbelee

Sometimes it isn't as simple as goodwill, and we also have to have the proper infrastructure that can support a diverse workforce. That's why diversity management is so important. We see how being part of a diverse workforce can initially be a lot of work. But, we also see the rewards we can reap in the end. 

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