What is HRIS (Human resources information system)?

September 7, 2022

Everyone is speaking about HRIS, but what does this stand for? Moreover, how crucial is it as a part of any human resources software? You have probably noticed that people speaking a lot about HRIS systems are amazed at how their company's efficiency improved when they found a decent HRIS system.

But what can it do for your business? Does it deserve all the praise?

We will explore how important it is and what are the best hris systems out there.

Even if you decide in the end not to use it, it is important to know that it is estimated that by 2025 the number of overall human resource employees will reach 840,120. This rise means that you have to future-proof your business and acknowledge the latest trends in performance management. This includes knowing more about human resources information systems.

What is HRIS?

What is HRIS? To put it simply, HRIS is a system that stores all of your employee data assets. Although this is a core functionality of all good HR software, it is essential HR software. Like the name says, Human Resources Information System is a way to manage many things a company needs to do to function better. It addresses payroll, applicant tracking and allocating recourses reasonably and efficiently. It will significantly increase any company's productivity and hr processes.

Some examples of HRIS systems

There are many examples of HRIS systems. Some HRIS systems collect and store all the necessary data to calculate someone's overtime. By examining that data, how much employees worked, how long or how efficient, we can calculate their paycheck and even give a bonus where deserved.

Another good example is the proper way to manage holidays for a global team. When you have all the essential information about a country and its customs, it is easy to automate when some employees will take their paid leave. 

HRIS can help hr professionals with workforce management, time tracking and data processing. It can also work around talent management and cover all essential hr functions to help your hr systems be more efficient and focused on the things that are important.

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The Benefits of human resources information system

The benefits of HRIS systems are self-evident as soon as you start implementing some of its core functions. Although some HRIS software might put some of these benefits behind a paywall, we will still list common ones here.

  • Helps with all the clerical tasks your HR is dealing with daily. Especially when it comes to any information, your HR manager or your employees need to manage.  

  • Simply put, no paperwork. When you use an HRIS system, particularly an entirely cloud-based one, you lose the need for physical paper. Need to find something? It is a click away.

  • Helps with changing laws and regulations. When you have an HRIS system that follows all the changing laws and offers flexibility to the system, your company will always be compliant.

  • Time and attendance tracking made easy. When time and attendance are automated, your whole organization works more accurately, and accountability is higher.

  • Onboarding will be handled via the cloud. If you have all the tools you need access via the cloud, you ensure that all your new hires will know your company culture. 

  • You are updating company policy quickly. With just one click, you can let your entire staff know your new policies and how they will affect them and their future work. 

  • Define clear company goals and construct a working HR strategy. When you have all the inner workings of your company, it is easy to track your progress toward a set goal.

  • With translation options and time management systems, HRIS can help you manage the global workforce from your comfy chair.

Which companies are using HRIS systems

If you are wondering which companies are using HRIS systems, the answer is simple: any company trying to automate processes and make simple hr tasks. Although, as we mentioned above, the benefits are clear, it all depends on which level the company is at and what it needs. 

If it is a smaller company, then its entire business depends on its workers' productivity. With a proper HRIS system that has a user-friendly approach, the company's HR can track how their employees are doing and intervene in any meaningful way. This, in turn, will save HR time as a lot of the bureaucracy will be automated, leaving them to focus on the workforce.

When we're talking about a mid-tier-sized company, it can be a little tricky when your company changes how things will be conducted. For example, when there is a new law or standard, you must implement it as soon as possible. With an HRIS system, you can reach all of your employees instantaneously and prepare them for new changes. With a sound HRIS system, you can also offer more helpful feedback from your employees, lowering attrition rates

And lastly, large companies, something that today is almost impossible to manage without some automation. You have to leave little room for error when you have a company that operates a thousand or more people. Not only do the employees always want to access their HR data, they expect it to work without error, especially in calculating overtime and generating payroll slips. 

Is Youbelee the right for you?

Is Youbelee for you and your company's HR needs? We don't like to humble brag, so we will just say it as it is: YES. It doesn't matter your company size or where you are regarding your goals or location; Youbelee has your back. If you are looking for HRIS systems, we got you covered, from time and asset tracking to payslip generation. We are here to help your company every step and adjust our software to your needs. Your company's data should work with you, not against you, and we are here to help you harness that power. 

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